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December 04, 2015 Lizzy Shaw


As we get ready to take off for vacation or business travel, many of us are looking for extra protection or for products or objects that make travel a little easier and/or less stressful.

For centuries, people from every culture and country have turned to minerals and gemstones for their mythical powers, many of which are applicable for travelers. Some people carry polished gems in their pockets; some people wear jewelry made from beneficial stones (we love that, of course). So...take a look at this list and see how beautiful gemstones can give you a little extra help on your next trip:


Amethyst is considered one of the great travel stones; for many centuries, people have benefited from this beautiful stone. An Amethyst in your pocket is supposed to guard you during long-haul travel. It also guards against anxiety and promotes emotional stability and flexibility, as well as inner strength, which every traveler needs!

Chalcedony is traditionally considered to offer general protection to travelers; it also soothes the spirit, balances emotions and brings peace and tranquility - great for when your flight gets cancelled at the last minute!

Pearls - Throughout the ages, Pearls - in all their beautiful colors - have been used to give general travel protection, and is calming and soothing, but Pearls are also especially effective for travel on/over water.

Black Pearl; White Pearl; Pink Pearl; Grey Pearl

Chrysoprase offers general traveler’s protection; it also promotes restful and peaceful sleep, which every traveler needs (wear it on the plane, or place it under your pillow).

Rose Quartz is traditionally a love stone, but because of its ability to restore harmony, it can help with difficulty sleeping, which many travelers experience; wear it on the plane or keep it next to your bed.

Turquoise is traditionally considered to be a very powerful stone that protects against danger, so this is great for anyone who is an adventurous traveler; it is also considered the Master Healer, so it can protect your body from the rigors of travel.

Aquamarine protects for all travelers in general, but it particularly is useful for all who travel by, over, or near water; it also alleviates fear of water. And for long-haul travelers, whether by road, air or sea, Aquamarine offers extra protection.

Now that you've got your protection, let's hit the road! Bon Voyage!





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