about lizzy shaw studio


After 20 years of working in Hollywood and owning her own PR firm, designer Lizzy Shaw decided it was time to turn a weekend hobby into a business. Several years ago, inspired by her grandmother, mother, and sister, who had all made their marks in the Fashion and Accessories industries, Lizzy started making simple, elegant necklaces and bracelets featuring semiprecious stones. They could be worn alone or layered and combined into unique looks that gave the wearer effortless, timeless chic.
Lizzy wore them everywhere, gave them to friends and then, as people wanted more and more, started selling them. Lizzy also made throws, pillows and organic lavender sachets from repurposed cashmere to the same enthusiastic response. Now that her creations were taking off with costume designers, celebrities and stores, it was clearly time to take the plunge and thus, Lizzy Shaw Studio was born.
Lizzy Shaw Studio is all about adornment - for yourself, your home, and your style. Whether it's jewelry, cashmere sachets, or other ornaments, we believe in classic simplicity, elegance and beauty.
All Lizzy Shaw Studio objets are handmade in Los Angeles, California.
If you want to talk to Lizzy about PR, visit lizzyshawpr.com or email her: lizzy@lizzyshawpr.com