10 things to make Valentine's Day sweet!

January 30, 2016 Lizzy Shaw

Whether you have a romantic partner or not, Valentine's Day, February 14th, is a great time to show the sweeties in your life how much you love them. Here are some of my current favorite things to get, make or give for Valentine's Day.
Lots of love and kisses to you!
    1. Show your honey that your heart is burning for them with these super cute heart-shaped votive candles from

    2. Your heart will flip for these adorable and super-easy to make felt heart candy pouches from Purl Soho - sweets to the sweet!

    3. Show your sweetheart/best friend/mommy/daughter/sissie/grandma/auntie the love they deserve with this Double Love rose quartz & pink pearl necklace from us!

    4. Heart-shaped fairy lights are so pretty and sparkly; they'll make your loved one so happy! From Lights & Decor For All Occasions

    5. Make these pretty, translucent crayon wax heart garlands for your loved one or for yourself - you'll want to keep them up all year! From Martha Stewart

    6. Show your puppy the puppy love with this adorable two-part heart charm from Luxe Pets, or give half to your BF, GF or BFF!

    7. Give true love to your darling with these sweet & pretty Pink Jade One Love or Two Love bracelets from Lizzy Shaw Studio:

    8. More garlands to fill your world - and your house - with love - check out these charming and easy-to-make heart garlands from Dottie Angel

    9. Could you be any sweeter? Make these pretty and yummy heart-shaped sugar "cubes" - so charming; just like you!

    10. Show the love to your sweaters and linens with these super cute cashmere or vintage linen sachets, filled with organic French lavender or organic French rose petals, respectively.
    So that's it my sweeties - have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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