get spooky for halloween!

October 08, 2015 Lizzy Shaw

Do you love Halloween? Are you one of those people who likes to dress up or do you like to keep it on the down low?

Personally, while I love Halloween, I'm not a big costume wearer, and I especially never want to put spooky makeup on or anything like that. I tend to show off my Halloween style with something subtle; I'll put on a spider ring or I'll dress all in black or something else on the subtle side. But I do love having friends over for dinner to help greet the millions of trick or treaters that hit my neighborhood like a tidal wave every year. And I happen to be a champion pumpkin carver and love to show off my fab pumpkins every year.

One way to get your Halloween on without jumping onto the costume bandwagon is to wear orange or black jewelry. Or a plastic skull ring. Or find fun candles or other decorations to welcome All Hallows Eve.

Here are a few things we've found on the web that we like, but of course we'll start with our own super cute Halloween necklace set: Carnelian and Onyx necklace combination:

I am a string lights freak, so pretty up your house with these purple & orange lights from Target:

And of course if you want to jump on the newest, hottest trend from China, as a "costume", you can plant a garden on your head with these cute flower & plant hair clips:

Or how about wearing one of these fab light-up skull rings?

Or decorate your house with these cool flameless skull candles from Pottery Barn:

I hope you have a happy and spooky Halloween!




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