Love and Gemstones

September 29, 2015 Lizzy Shaw

Throughout history, every culture has assigned meanings to different gemstones; and of course it's up to you whether or not you choose to "believe" in those traditional meanings of gemstones and crystals. But certainly, they are beautiful no matter what, and if assigning a meaning or use gives it that little bit of extra significance or pleasure in using or wearing it, then why not?

The things that people want to bring into their lives tend to be love, money, health and peace, with love being the number one.

So - if you want to bring love into your life, sustain an existing love, open your heart to love, or just be a love bug in general, wear jewelry or ornaments made with these stones and crystals, or bring them into your home and see what happens!

Here are a few of the many gemstones and crystals that are said to bring or enhance love, along with the type of love with which they're associated:

 Amber: General; marital; romantic love
Amethyst: Faithful love - it is the stone of St. Valentine
Chrysoprase: Promotes feelings of love and forgiveness
Emerald: Romantic, passionate love
Fire Opals: Fervent love
Garnet: Romantic love
Moonstone: General; passionate love
New Jade:  Attracts love
Opal: General
Pearl: General; symbol of love, union & purity; enables the ability to accept love
Pink Tourmaline: Enables the ability to surrender to love
Prehnite: Unconditional love
Rhodochrosite: General love; stimulates warm feelings of love & compassion
Rose Quartz: Unconditional love; general; self-love; opens the heart to love
Ruby: Romantic, passionate love
Topaz: True love; spiritual love


Here's to lots of love in your life!


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