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4mm gold-filled bead bracelet

4mm gold-filled bead bracelet

This is your golden opportunity to get your luxe on with our simple, elegant gold bead bracelets. Wear them two, four, or six at a time; mix bead size or mix with colored stones and other jewelry to align your chakras or bring success!


Gold is a symbol of wealth and success in all cultures and ages throughout history; it has been in use for jewelry and decoration since the Bronze Age and was the favorite of Ancient Egyptians since 5000 BC; most ancient cultures linked gold with divinity. Gold is also the symbol of royalty, appearing in lions or fleurs de lis on flags and coats of arms.

The element Gold was created and produced by supernovas and the collision of stars; the gold we mine and use comes from the impact of asteroids on the Earth's surface many millennia ago.

Gold worn on the body is said to promote health and optimism; it is symbolic of justice, power, strength and perfection; it is associated with the Crown chakra, opening us to universal wisdom.

Information: These bracelets are made with high-quality 14k gold-filled beads strung on durable elastic cord. Bracelets are sized to fit most wrists (6.5 - 7"); please contact us for custom sizes.

$ 55.00