love tokens

love tokens

Show your love to the world!

These super-cute, tiny love tokens are made to be given or loved by you all year long!

Give a set of love tokens to anyone you love - they're a great little thank you, hostess gift, bridesmaid's gift or "I love you" present. Or keep a set for yourself to give away one by one - be creative: keep one in a pocket, place one on your sweetie's pillow, or slip one into the envelope of a birthday card, thank you note, Valentine's card or gift enclosure card. Put one in your kid's lunch box, keep one on your desk so you know you're loved!

Information: Each set consists of 14 assorted tiny handmade shrink-film Love Tokens (approx .5 x .5"). The set comes in a pretty organza bag with silk rose petals - perfect for gifting all year.

$ 12.00