amethyst demi luna necklace

amethyst demi luna necklace
Show off your sparkly style with this gorgeous Demi Luna (half-moon) necklace. Made with natural faceted Amethyst oblongs in the deepest, most vibrant purple, people will be so overcome by their beauty that they're going to stop you in the street!
About Amethyst: Amethyst is a variety of quartz, and occurs in purples ranging from colorless crystal to deepest violet. Amethyst has been considered a powerful stone throughout known history; it is considered to initiate wisdom and understanding; promote peace, happiness and contentment and to provide comfort in grief. It is also the stone of St. Valentine and represents faithful love. Amethyst enhances one's creativity and thus, through the ages, it has been called the Artist's Stone, the Composer's Stone and the Poet's Stone. Ancient Egyptians used it to protect travelers.
Information: This Demi Luna necklace is made of beautiful faceted amethyst oblongs approx. 5mm each; strung on a pure silk 16.5" cord with sterling silver lobster clasp.
NOTE: These natural stones may have slight variations in size, color and clarity, but all are beautiful in their individual way. Allow us to choose for you.
$ 80.00